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Canadians still supportive of immigration

Um artigo postado dia 26 de outubro de 2011, no site CanadaVisa, fala sobre um estudo feito em Montreal sobre os canadenses ainda serem a favor da imigração. Leia abaixo na íntegra o que diz o estudo.

A recently released study regarding immigration found that Canadians are still supportive of immigration. The study, which was released by Montreal’s Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP) found that Canada continues to be a welcoming place for newcomers, with the many Canadians showing support for high levels of immigration.

"This support has been consistently high over the past 15 to 20 years when immigration levels have also been high," states a release issued by the IRPP. "It is particularly strong among more educated Canadians, the young, the fully employed and men."

Approximately 58 percent of Canadians support the current levels of immigration, with Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and the Prairies showing the most support with 62 percent. The study also found that Canadians see immigrants as a cultural and economic benefit.

"Few see immigration as one of Canada's most significant problems," states the study. "The survey data show that support for multiculturalism is rooted in a broader, socially progressive agenda that includes issues such as gay rights and gun control, which themselves reinforce pro-immigration attitudes. Nevertheless, many Canadians would like immigrants to blend into society rather than form separate communities."

Amazing, right ?? Tudo tem seus prós e seus contras.
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